FleetObserver provides a wide range of features designed to maximise efficiency, increase productivity, enhance security, improve customer service and deal with all aspects of fleet or asset management.

Access to the information you need, wherever and whenever you need it

FleetObserver is accessed via PC or other device connected to the Internet, without the need to install any special software. We also offer a dedicated app for your smartphone.

Locate, identify, track, trace

Locate and track your assets with the click of a button, in real time, down to street level. Check status, speed and even driver identification. Quickly and easily see how far they are from any location you choose. Replay a history of where they have been.

Security alerts

Receive real time alerts when an asset is unexpectedly used or moved.

Remote immobilisation

Immobilise assets on schedule, or immediately, via your web browser or app.


Draw an area on the map and receive alerts when assets enter and/or leave. This has security and general operational applications.

Driver behaviour

Monitor and/or be alerted to undesirable driving events, such as speeding, harsh driving or excessive idling.

Maintenance management

Record and/or schedule asset maintenance operations. Receive reminders about forthcoming maintenance events. E.g. routine servicing, or road-worthiness tests.

Comprehensive report suite

Detailed reports that can be viewed on demand and/or received on schedule, in various formats. E.g. Journeys made, hours used, fuel costs, timesheets.